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A Life-saving car-telephone holder.

The mount automatically eliminates all incoming notifications:

Mount your phone and drive safely without any distractions. Remove your phone from the mount and all the notifications you have missed will be restored.

Smart, simple and easy to use.

The problem and our solution

More than 20% of fatal car accidents are caused by phone usage while driving. In addition,  a glimpse at your phone while driving can result in a traffic ticket of 4,000 New Israeli Shekels. During a survey that we took, we found that our product, NO-tify is the ideal solution for this well-known problem.

NO-tify is a revolutionary car-phone mount that combines NFC technology, a phone car mount and a free app for android phones. NO-tify will turn off all notification except for navigation apps and phone calls while you are driving. After you download the app all you have to do is to place your phone in the mount and enjoy a safe, distraction-free drive. Take your phone out of the mount and everything goes back to normal. You will even be notified of everything you missed.

About us

We are "Create", a group of 9th graders from Israel. We study at “Hakfar Hayarok” a school that participates in the Young Entrepreneurs program.

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